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Being an independent service provider on the recovery of foreign VAT and excises, since 1989 Alfa Transport Service built-up tight relationships with all EU-tax offices. Besides of that, Alfa Transport Service has built state-of-the-art IT-solutions on foreign VAT and excise recovery.

On foreign VAT and excise recovery, Alfa Transport Service offers comprehensive collaboration models to fuel and toll cards providers. Either white-labeled or not.

This is about a total-care-concept, whereby Alfa Transport Service takes care of the entire process on VAT and excise recovery on behalf of the card issuer e.g. the end-customer. This is about supporting the commercial process of the card issuer, the on-boarding of the end-customer on VAT and excise recovery and the collection of the necessary documents thereto, up to executing the recovery process.

Further to this, Alfa Transport Service enables card issuers to offer a real Net Invoice, meaning that the VAT will be reimbursed on the same invoice the fuel and toll is being charged. In order to guarantee maximum speed and zero-default accuracy, full data integration takes place between Alfa Transport Service and the card issuer. This without involvement of the end-customer, meaning optimal ease and speed.







The recovery of foreign VAT and excise as per definition will be executed out on behalf and in name of the end-customer. So not on an aggregate level. This implies that not only the invoices of the card partner are being taken care of, but also all third-party invoices. These are any and all invoices from other card issuers like Shell, DKV and AS24, etc.

Regarding the collaboration model with card issuers, 3 contractual parties are at hand: the end-customer, the fuel card partner and Alfa Transport Service. This being the case, the services rendered are laid down in a 3-party contract, representing all relevant rights and obligations of the relevant parties. This f.e. is about the obligation of Alfa transport Service to render the VAT and excise recovery services, up to the instruction by the end-customer to be represented at the foreign tax offices.

The following services are being offered in combination with card issuers:

“Net Invoicing and Fast Refund are available for VAT from almost all EU countries of refund”.

Almost any and all card issuers offer the service of Net Invoicing, being the top product rendering the end-customer maximum ease, speed and cash. Since Net Invoicing is a way of advancing, fees for this service are slightly higher than for Normal Refund. However, Net Invoicing implies the advantages of ease and cash, so the end-customer has no worries about foreign VAT. Since Net Invoicing means no foreign VAT is being paid, receivables with this regard are no longer part of the balance sheet and thus 100% secure.

In collaboration with Alfa Transport Service, the fuel and toll card partner can offer a so-called real Net Invoice. This implies comprehensive data-integration between the card issuer and Alfa Transport Service. The variant of Net Invoicing also means Alfa Transport Service bearing the fuel risks of VAT recovery, meaning total care for the end-customer.

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